Unleash the value trapped in your data assets

We help our clients transform their business with analytics. We can help you develop analytics to pinpoint market opportunities, grow revenue, reduce costs, manage risks and streamline operations.

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We serve clients from a wide range of industries including transportation, healthcare, manufacturinghigher educationdigital marketing, and more.

Our key focus areas include

What makes us different

Industry Experience

We have been in our clients shoes, we understand the challenges faced in implementing Analytics. Our experience has been further strengthened through many client engagements, which means we know best how to overcome obstacles.

Deep Expertise

Our team includes industry subject matter experts, advanced analytics experts, data scientists, big data experts, data management experts, technology experts, and project managers who understand how analytics can improve companies.

Research & Development

We stay current in the latest technologies, especially how they interact with each other, so that our clients can reap the benefits.

Best Practices

We believe in a culture of continuous improvement and our methodologies and process has been perfected through several implementations. We understand that no two clients are alike, so we adapt and tailor to each customer’s culture and unique needs.


We bring service accelerators to every engagement, leading to faster time to value. Our accelerators range from reference architectures, logical data models, data quality framework, business rule engines, workflow engines, platform components to smart solutions.

Problem Solvers

We thrive on solving complex business problems through the use of data.

Best of all,

we deliver results!

“It is great to see when a services firm is doing things the right way, growing long-term client relationships and people. Kavi has built a really impressive team.”

-CIO – Financial Services Company

✔ Accelerate maturity of analytics
✔ Deliver results early and often
✔ Manage organizational change
✔ Drive innovation and adoption
✔ Investment payoff within the first year

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