Helping a Manufacturing Conglomerate
Enter IIOT Market And Build New
Revenue Streams

Enabling A Fortune 500 Aviation Enterprise
To Achieve Cost Efficiency

Enabling A Fortune 500
Transportation Enterprise To Achieve
Risk Compliance & Automation

Gas Turbine Failure Detection Solution
For one of the world’s largest supplier
of heavy duty gas turbines

20 most promising data analytics companies 2018

Recognized by Gartner. 3 years running, in their Market Guides for:

20 most promising data analytics solution providers 2018

2019: Data and Analytics

2018: Data and Analytics

2017: Data Science and Machine Learning

With Kavi Global, clients like you so far got to achieve…

500 Million
Cost Optimization
250 Million
New Revenue Opportunities
Increase in Customer Retention

You need analytics to…

Optimize Costs
Create New Revenue Opportunities
Increase Customer Retention

How do we get you there?

With a comprehensive set of Data Analytics Consulting Services, Software and Solutions, Kavi Global empowers you in seamlessly managing your Data Lifecycle:Strategy to Implementation (System Integration) to Support.
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big data consulting services
business analytics and information technology
machine learning business applications

Seek to get more out of Analytics

Our advanced machine learning & data science capabilities enable you to do more with Data analytics.

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We have been serving clients across…

…a wide range of verticals including transportation, healthcare, manufacturing,
higher education, digital marketing and more.

Our Clients

Our clients choose us for…

…the ability rivaling that of any of the big5 consulting firms, combined with the agility of a boutique player to provide cutting-edge analytics.
Find below the differentiators that give us a proven competitive edge in our category:

machine learning system

Strategy Edge
Don’t settle just for the “What”. Demand also the Blueprint on “How”

machine learning business applications

Consulting Edge
Focus on Solution & Outcomes, Not the on-going head count

advanced machine learning

R&D Edge
Drive Innovation; Optimize Cost.

machine learning models

Full Spectrum Edge
Full-suite of Data analytics capabilities
business intelligence framework 
Net Savings Minimum 30% over competition

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