Naomi Kaduwela

Head of Kavi Labs

Naomi is the head of Kavi Labs, the innovation and incubation arm of Kavi Global. She is an extremely passionate data scientist and product management consultant with over seven years of experience using data analytics and design thinking to deliver business value.

At Kavi Labs she partners with clients and research institutions to co-create exciting new analytical solutions by utilizing emerging technologies. She is skilled at using echnology such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and computer vision to design innovative products with a user centric focus.

Naomi’s deep business expertise comes from her cross-industry experience in healthcare, finance and manufacturing during both her time at Kavi and the 5 years she spent at GE prior. Naomi worked in GE Capital, is a graduate of GE’s Digital Leadership Program and founded the Global Analytics Team at GE Healthcare.

Naomi has a Master of Science in Analytics from Northwestern University and a certificate in Business Management from Indiana University. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science & Applied Psychology from Ithaca College.