Srinivasan Chandrasekaran

Head of Software

Srinivasan has over 15 years of experience in data analytics, particularly in performing data classification, analysis and interpretation to reveal patterns and relationships. As Kavi Global’s Head of Software he leads all development and updates for Kavi’s patented software Plexa, a multi-technology integrated data engineering and data science platform.

Srinivasan has extensive experience in the financial and transportation industries. He is an expert in using data analytics for operational risk measurement, cost optimization, revenue and cost analysis, profit maximization and more. Furthermore, he holds certifications in quality techniques such as Six Sigma and lean process capabilities. He leads the quality process for all projects within Kavi Global to ensure everything follows the Kavi quality standard in areas of requirements, design, development and testing.

During his time at Kavi, Srinivasan has also been responsible for multiple product developments in the areas of pricing and supply chain analytics as a product manager. He has led teams responsible for product conceptualization, market feasibility analysis, technical design and development, testing and installation. Prior to joining Kavi, Srinivasan was an associate manager in operational risk at Standard Chartered Bank and an analytics consultant at Genpact.

Srinivasan received a Bachelor in Bank Management in Banking and Accountancy as well as a Master of Commerce degree from University of Madras in Chennai, India. He also received an MBA from the Institute for Financial Management and Research in Finance and Capital Markets at KREA University in Sri City, India.