Our Story

“We’ve been in your shoes”

– Vijitha Kaduwela

In 2008, Vijitha Kaduwela left his leadership role at GE, ending his 15 year corporate career in analytics that started at United Airlines. During this time, he experienced the struggles of working through implementations with multiple consulting teams with different specialties.

While he paid big money to technology firms and consulting services firms, none were able to simplify the process and provide sustainable value. And after many frustrating and tedious implementations with a plethora of technology and service providers, he realized that the current solutions in the market did not address the main issues: internal resources were learning new technologies instead of building solutions, and IT teams were spending time upgrading and migrating solutions, instead of enabling businesses to transform data into insights easily and efficiently. Convinced that analytics is the key differentiator to help businesses grow, and realizing the acute need and market opportunity for a full-service data analytics company, Vijitha Kaduwela and key members launched Kavi Global.

Kavi Global was created with the idea that analytics projects needed to be less complex, risky, and time consuming; and needed the right single consulting service to build the competency to support organization’s strategy with business, technology and quantitative skills not internally available. Six years after being created as a consulting company specializing in analytics and bringing together services covering all aspects of an analytics implementation, Kavi Global is now a leader in analytics.

What does Kavi mean

Kavi is Sanskrit for thinker, intelligent man, or leader. This is at the heart of the Kavi organization, from hiring all the way through project delivery. Kavi is a leading data analytics consulting company that brings personalized attention and insight-driven business value to every client engagement. Our services cover the full spectrum of data analytics, from strategy, implementation, to support. We accomplish extraordinary results through our belief in empowering small multidisciplinary teams to solve key business problems through the use of data. We have been named as a top 20 business analytics consulting company because of our significant results and technical/industry experience.