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Why Kavi Global

The capability to provide comprehensive Data Analytics Lifecycle Management Services rivaling any of the big 5 consulting firms, combined with the agility of a boutique firm.

Strategy Edge

Don’t Settle Just For The “What”. Demand Also The Blueprint On “How”

Courtesy of our full-spectrum capabilities helping you manage your Data Analytics lifecycle from start to end, our strategy & design team naturally leans towards generating implementation-friendly blueprints. With pragmatism driving our design, we work on providing doable, scalable and measurable strategy- irrespective of who implements it:us or your internal team or another implementation vendor.

Competition A (Large Analytics Enterprises)


Competition B (Boutique Analytics Players)
Kavi Global
What + How


R&D Edge

Drive Innovation:  Optimize Cost

Service Accelerators:
Kavi Global is equipped with a dedicated R&D Team, a rare capability amidst our peers. Having an R&D has enabled Kavi Global to internally challenge our delivery processes constantly and fine-tune them through service accelerators ushering in greater efficiencies. In the last 9 years, our R&D-driven accelerators have enabled optimizing the cost of analytics for our clients upto  30%, arguably a category–best. This makes Kavi Global the go-to partner for client enterprises like you, who aspire to do more with analytics.

Test drive before investing:
Kavi Innovation Center, a part of our R&D, enables clients to access a plethora of technologies for proof of value. This fully functional and experimental environment helps clients evaluate technologies without having to invest and commit to costly licenses. Our typical pilot process consists of the following 5 steps:
Define business case with RoI
Define requirements for pilot build out
Design and develop pilot with limited data resources to prove value
Develop sample data ingestion, transformation and loading routines based on solution requirement
Provide architecture for production implementation
Technology Adoption:  Implement new technologies faster
Kavi Global’s R&D keeps its antennae up and ever looking out for emerging technologies in the analytics space. Our R&D Engineers and Scientists methodically keep themselves trained and updated in this space, thus helping clients adopt the right emerging technology faster, without warming up at clients’ investment.

Consulting Edge

Focus On Solution & Outcomes, Not The On-going Head Count

Our Services Delivery process is designed on automating your analytics. So that, analytics becomes your means to achieve business outcomes, and not an end by itself costing you time, energy and efficiency.

Cost units
Competition A (Large Analytics Enterprises)
Competition B (Boutique Analytics Players)
Kavi Global

Net Savings

At least 30%
over competition
Upto 30% Cost Optimization is achieved due to Service Accelerators, courtesy our in-house R&D