Cloud Based Platform for Healthcare Billing and Reporting

Business Problem

The Client is a renowned player in offering pharmacy services. Their customers who were independent pharmacies and clinicians were struggling with bill submission for clinical services rendered in addition to the complex regulations. A bespoke solution would  simplify the billing process and create new revenue streams.


A cloud-based analytics driven platform for quick & efficient, on-the-go healthcare claim submissions and eligibility checks that provides precise insights and analytics on claims. Provides the pharmacists and clinicians with online submission ability to all payers nationally.

How did we do it?


Prototyped and developed user-interface for cloud-based platform


Developed data architecture and web services for interacting with UI


Integrated with third-party APIs for seamless claims submissions and eligibility checks


Developed insight reports for visualizing claims & billing analytics


Key Features

♦Eligibility Checks ♦Patient Records ♦HIPAA Form ♦Diagnosis Coding ♦CPT Coding ♦Accounts Receivables ♦Customizable Links


Time & Cost:


  • Reduced time taken for medical billing
  • Data quality management resulting in nearly no rejections
  • Low-cost, high-efficiency solution for small-scale and independent healthcare providers



  • Maximize patient facing time by reducing time spent by practitioners on paperwork
  • Real-time update of patient and provider information
  • Easy access via laptop and mobile devices

New Revenue Streams:


  • Injections
  • Vaccinations
  • Wellness Checks
  • Health Screens
  • Monitoring
  • Consults- MTM
  • Skin Disorders
  • Minor Illness
  • Minor Injuries


Clean Claim Submission Rating

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