Arun Sugumar and Vignesh Balasubramanian wrote a great paper for the 2016 SAS Global Forum titled “Accelerate the Time to Value by Implementing a Semantic Layer Using SAS® Visual Analytics”.

Although business intelligence experts agree that empowering businesses through a well-constructed semantic layer have undisputed benefits, a successful implementation has always been a formidable challenge. This presentation highlights the best practices to follow and mistakes to avoid, leading to a successful semantic layer implementation by using SAS® Visual Analytics. A correctly implemented semantic layer provides business users with quick and easy access to information for analytical and fact- based decision-making. Today, everyone talks about how the modern data platform enables businesses to store and analyze big data, but we still see most businesses trying to generate value from the data that they already store. From self-service to data visualization, business intelligence and descriptive analytics are still the key requirements for any business, and we discuss how to use SAS Visual Analytics to address them all. We also describe the key considerations in strategy, people, process, and data for a successful semantic layer rollout that uses SAS Visual Analytics.