In the following series, we will discuss how companies are leading the way with Analytics as they try to better manage their assets. Examples will include asset-intensive industries like Rail, Trucking, and Airline and opportunities for reducing maintenance costs while improving reliability from an analytics perspective.

The demand for freight transportation is projected to nearly double by 2035—from 19.3 billion tons in 2007 to 37.2 billion tons in 2035 (1). Additional capacity comes at a very high price, both financially and environmentally. This will put tremendous pressure on transportation providers to be more efficient in their operations while controlling costs as they scale. All transportation-related industries must be creative and innovative in generating business value in terms of reducing operating costs, improving reliability and making Analytics a necessity. Companies that leverage Analytics to compete in the marketplace will have a significant advantage over those who do not.

We hope to provide relevant insights and a fresh perspective on how analytics can make a profound impact on asset-intensive organizations.  So stay tuned.



1. National Rail Freight Infrastructure Capacity & Investment Study, Cambridge Systematics, Inc., September 2007