Imagine the future. Your business experts, data scientists, and data engineers are gathered around a big screen, collaborating to create a high-value data analytics solution. They are innovating, effortlessly collecting the data and creating definitions. They are connecting and exploring the data, profiling and curating, applying data quality and business rules. They are visualizing the data, discovering patterns, gaining insights, identifying opportunities and experimenting with algorithms that will drive superior business outcomes. When they are satisfied they secure the solution and automate it with few clicks. Then, they move on to create the next solution.

Their small team is called a Pod. They are part of a data analytics solutions factory with few more Pods, just like them. Each Pod is an efficient assembly line for producing high impact data analytics solutions. They sometimes invite people outside their Pods to collaborate, crowd-sourcing solutions. Sometimes they go back and improve their solutions, with new insights fine-tuning the algorithms. Behind the covers, the tool is documenting the solution, keeping track of all refinements. They are using a methodology called continuous deployment. They continuously release solutions to production with appropriate governance and approval workflows.

Their tool has an intuitive interface with all the capabilities they need at their fingertips. They never write a single line of code; the tool does that automatically. They deploy the solution using the available technologies of their choice. When a new superior technology becomes available they port their solutions to that technology effortlessly. Their business knowledge, understanding of the data and quantitative skills never go out of fashion. The tool they are using is called Plexa.

About the Author

Vijitha Kaduwela is the Founder and CEO of Kavi Global.  Kavi Global is a data analytics services and solutions company.