In Kaviglobal we believe in

“In vain have you acquired knowledge
if you have not imparted it to others”
-Deuteronomy Rabbah (c. 450–900).

Taking forward this “Learning-through-Sharing” spirit,we organized our second meetup “MongoDB Juiced Up” on November 1, 2017 to share the knowledge we have aquired on the technology. SK a.k.a. Saravanakumar Nagarajanayudu, Data Architect at Kavi Global gave out an in-depth technical session on Shifting Paradigms between SQL and MongoDB and much more. The session was made further interactive with hands-on demo between SQL and MongoDB Queries.
The following MongoDB-related topics were discussed in detail:

MongoDB Cluster Architecture
Mongodb on AWS
SQL vs Mongodb Query language – Demo
Mongodb Server side Java Scripting – Demo

SK also highlighted the Architecture of Mongodb Cluster, MongoDB Cluster deployment in AWS Cloud and its nuances. Participants were shown a demo on how queries are constructed in Mongodb. In addition, discussions happened on how queries work on MongoDB, Mongodb Query operators like Aggregate Pipeline and Map Reduce; how server side scripting works in MongoDB and the advantages of these approaches in general.

The meetup ended with a Q&A session, that witnessed a considerable number of questions from the technically-aware audience, on use cases of MongoDB in IIoT and Big Data Ecosystem, etc..,