Vimal Raj Arockiasamy and Ratul Saha wrote a great paper for the 2016 SAS Global Forum titled “Architecture and Deployment of SAS® Visual Analytics 7.2 with a Distributed SAS® LASRTM Analytic Server for Showcasing Reports to the Public”.

This paper demonstrates the deployment of SAS® Visual Analytics 7.2 with a distributed SAS® LASRTM Analytic Server and an internet-facing web tier. The key factor in this deployment is to establish the secure web server connection using a third-party certificate to perform the client and server authentication. The deployment process involves the following steps:


  1. Establish the analytics cluster, which consists of SAS® High-Performance Deployment of Hadoop and the deployment of high- performance analytics environment master and data nodes.
  2. Get the third-party signed certificate and the key files.
  3. Deploy the SAS Visual Analytics server tier and middle tier.
  4. Deploy the standalone web tier with HTTP protocol configured using secure sockets.
  5. Deploy the SAS® Web Infrastructure Platform.
  6. Perform post-installation validation and configuration to handle the certificate between the servers.