While accounting the cost to run an asset leasing business, maintenance constitutes the bulk of what ‘s spent. It also provides the opportunity to scrutinize operations. The key focus, and often a challenge, for a maintenance & planning group within an asset leasing business is to efficiently forecast and plan repair activities accordingly. Here at Kavi, we understand those challenges and have built a prescriptive approach to plan those repairs better and optimally allocate the invaluable and limited resources towards repairing the high-value assets.

Our web based application provides the user the ability to run different mathematical optimization models to optimally allocate the repairable assets (e.g. trucks, rail-cars, etc.) to the available repair shops based on the constraints around repair priorities and limited shop space and budget. Our application uses SAS PROC OPTMODEL at the back end to solve this mixed integer linear problem to achieve the optimal allocations easily and quickly. But, this can also be configured to work with other commercial solvers as well. Our application also features an ability to compare and analyze different scenarios, wherein a decision maker has the flexibility to tweak the model to relax or override a set of constraints to run various ‘what-if’ scenarios and get the answers they need.

To learn more, come see us and our poster at the 2015 SAS Analytics conference in Bellagio, Las Vegas or shoot me an email at harsh@kaviglobal.com