What is a Best Practice?

According to Wikipedia:“A best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark.”

We at Kavi Global also believe a Best Practice is:
· Measurable. The goals are clear, and results are measured.
· Repeatable. The method / approach is documented, easy to follow, and reuse.
· Momentum Producing. The method /approach achieves positive results, with progress toward the desired goal.
· Flexible. As situations are never the same, a best practice needs to fit the circumstances. If kept rigid or inflexible, the best practices will not be followed nor produce results.

Why Take a Best Practice Approach?

Time is money and rework is the most costly. While it may take a bit longer to take a best practices approach, in the medium term, you will see results. In the long term, rework will be at a minimum, projects run smoother, and participants are happier as they know how to get results. All this results in reduced costs, higher efficiency, and more productive employees.

Where Do You Start?

This is the “elephant in the room” question.

Start small. One step at a time. Select a project / problem and work through the process to correct / deliver it. Track your steps. Track the progress of those steps. By breaking down the problem into steps / tasks, it will be easier to establish small goals to identify what needs to be changed / altered / deleted.

Once the work is completed, the changes can be measured in terms of ongoing costs, and expenses associated with the immediate change. A quick cost benefit analysis can show immediate value. Long term cost savings may also be calculated. Demonstrated cost savings will go a long way toward implementing the best practice you just created, by proving to management the benefit of adopting a best practices approach.

Moving Forward

When results are successful, they get noticed, and everyone wants to be a part of that. Goals are achieved. Everyone wants to make the job/process easier, reduce costs, and be more successful. And, best practices can drive that forward. One step at a time.