Analytics Value Acceleration Strategy & Framework

Be successful at all stages of implementing analytics.

Kavi’s Proven AVA Framework:

Many data analytics programs fail in the field or come short of delivering the value promised. To ensure your success, we have developed our Analytics Value Acceleration (AVA) framework. By taking many years of experience implementing successful data analytics programs, this approach allows you to accelerate analytics adoption within your organization by reducing the time it takes to deliver results.

We focus on helping you create a data-driven culture within your organization. Our methodology is proven to be effective in jump-starting a failed attempt or a program that is losing steam Our Analytics Value Acceleration framework has four clearly defined phases: Strategy, Deep-Dive, Foundation, and Acceleration. Throughout this process, we use a collaborative and iterative methodology to engage and align with our client’s business objectives.


The strategy phase of the AVA framework includes several work packages that are designed to create a future vision for the program, analyze the current state and develop a roadmap for success. In addition, the business benefits of implementing a data analytics program are estimated during this phase alone with the business case and financial metrics such as cost-benefit, ROI, and payback period. Another important work package is the risk assessment and mitigation strategy. Our framework helps you protect against becoming a failure.  Learn more about Kavi’s Strategy Engagement


The deep-dive phase consists of creating a blueprint of the plan that is actionable. This consists of detailed design and implementation steps that are tied to key milestones to be achieved during the foundation and acceleration phases.  Also, high-level effort and cost estimates are generated during this phase.  These estimates are developed after identifying gaps between the future state and the current state with respect to people, process, data and technology


Building the foundation is the first phase of the implementation roadmap.  During this phase the current state in terms of people, process, data and technology are addressed to create a sustainable foundation for delivering results. The foundation phase is scoped to include the delivery of some of the high-value use cases along with addressing the gaps. This practical approach helps to deliver tangible business results early and often during the implementation phases.


With the proper analytics foundation in place, the acceleration phases drive rapid value to the business.  Key business use cases are completed in phased groups according to their derived business value.  Iterative acceleration phases help drive organizations in the use of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.