Technology Strategy

Effectively using the right technology to move your business forward.

Technology Strategy Overview

We perform many different technology assessments in order drive business value by understanding your current software and hardware implementations that are in use and to determine what can be leveraged and what gaps exist in delivering analytics to your organization.

Analytics Platform Architecture Definition

analytics technology assessment

In addition to the overall architecture, an important aspect of the design is to ensure the appropriate master data management strategy, data quality improvement strategy, vocabulary and business rules, data binding strategy, information access and security architecture, etc.

Analytics use cases will provide inputs to the metadata and semantic layer definitions and the data access strategy for reporting and analytics. Architecture definition will also facilitate the development of precise technology and services cost estimates. During the development of the architecture recommendation we, in addition to addressing the short-term business needs, will ensure the extendibility of the platform to support other business problems and functions that can be used across the entire organization.

Technology Current State Assessment

Technology Gap Analysis

Understanding what technologies are available and how they are being used within the organization provides relevant insights into understanding any technology gaps that exist.

This assessment looks at all systems, whether they are primary or homegrown.

Technology Gap Analysis

Selecting the right technology platform for your implementation is very critical as it drives the efficiency of the development team and ultimately the user experience.  Generally, the upfront technology investment is much smaller compared to the total cost of ownership (TCO) when calculated over a period of several years.  At present, there are several mature technology options for implementation of an analytics platform.

It is also important to consider the technology stack currently used within your organization as well as the requirements needed to bring in additional technology components to bridge any gaps that exist.

As part of this exercise, we will evaluate your current tools and technology and assess their capability to support the number of expected users, expected types of usage, performance and data volumes and growth estimates. We then provide recommendations on additional tools and technologies that need to be acquired for a successful implementation.

RFP Template Development

RFP Template developmentCreating a Request for Proposal can be a time-consuming process if undertaken without capturing the correct information.  At the end of a strategy engagement, your organization will have all of the required information to efficiently create an RFP.  Our process allows for an easy to execute RFP process.  In addition, we help by working as a liaison between clients and vendors to complete the process.