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The pandemic has accelerated business transformation efforts and the rate of change of customer preferences. The ability to rapidly respond to evolving customer needs has never been as critical to success.

of businesses have already adopted a digital-first business strategy or plan to do so.

Futurescape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2020 Predictions

of employees say their transformations have improved performance and are sustainable in the long term.

McKinsey: Unlocking success in digital transformations

Our mission is to bridge the gap between need and results- to use data andanalytics to deliver business value while accelerating your journey to analytical maturity.

What does
analytical maturity
look like?

  • Differentiated analytical capabilities key to competitive and growth strategies
  • Automated layers of enterprise reporting with analytical talent focused on strategic insights
  • Analytical talent pipeline with established training and development programs
  • Modern enterprise architecture
  • Ability to quantify and translate analytical opportunities and results in financial terms
  • High velocity culture of continuous improvement and experimentation
  • Sustainable pipeline of analytics projects

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to analytical maturity:It is a journey personal to each organization.
A journey with incremental, systemic change required in people, process, and technology.

You cannot just implement new SaaS tools or hire a team of data scientists to become an analytically mature organization. Insight generation, an intense focus on customer, and scalable systemic growth require analytics to be baked into your strategy and culture.

Kavi will partner with you to
accelerate your analytical journey using our Analytics Value Acceleration process.

Discovery & Design engagement

Take a holistic look at your organization’s strategy and data landscape to discover trapped and potential value. Apply Design Thinking for rapid solution ideation to capture that value. The engagement delivers a Solution Roadmap including a financial analysis of expected impact.

The engagement is most impactful at enterprise scale- We can also discuss more targeted Discovery & Design at a functional or process level.

Implementation engagement

Highest priority projects are implemented using Kavi’s extensive list of analytical capabilities.

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