Case Study

Business Problem

The Sensor Solutions group in the Business Development and Corp Strategy is looking to enter the IIoT market with new products and solutions. The strategy is to provide a comprehensive solution to its customers that include hardware devices, middleware, software platform and analytics. The client’s team has deep expertise in building out the sensor devices but would need to identify a partner to develop the software – both middleware and platform, as well as to scale and implement analytics into the platform.


The Distributed Sensor Solutions Platform is a flexible, scalable and comprehensive platform that is being built on the cloud with the option to also be deployed on premise. The platform provides near real time insights and analytics on critical assets to ensure high standards of safety and availability.

Business Outcomes

Accelerated the development and implementation of the software – both middleware and platform components. Kavi Global complemented the team by providing the software strategy, architecture, design and implementation creating capacity for the core team to focus on hardware, business use case and commercialization.

Scope of Engagement

A core team of 6 consultants with 2 surge resources in a span of 6 months have been able to take the Distributed Sensor Solution Platform from vision to reality.

Services Provided

Strategy & Design : Data, Process & Technology
Implementation : IoT, Bespoke solution, Big data