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Transportation key business challenges

Demand for freight transportation is projected to double in the next two decades putting tremendous pressure on transportation providers to be more efficient in their operations while controlling costs as they scale. Moreover, with the advent of intelligent machines and sensors generating large amounts of data; creating value through analytics has become a necessity. Traditional repair and maintenance data when supplemented with sensor data can help identify failures sooner, fine tune repair and maintenance procedures, prevent costly breakdowns and increase lifespan of assets.

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Learn how you can tap into the invaluable information available from your assets and reduce your maintenance costs. Additionally, repairing the right component at the right time will also extend the life of your asset. Condition based maintenance has increasingly become the preferred maintenance choice over traditional scheduled and unscheduled maintenance routines. This requires rigorous real-time analysis of the streaming data transmitted by the intelligent assets.


Free up your capital while maintaining the right service levels. Whether it’s planning of your labor, managing your inventory level or the distribution of your repair assignments, efficiency is the key. We know how to set you apart from your competitors by helping you forecast the demand and devise an optimal plan to allocate your resources.


Ask us how we can help you put the right reliability models in place to save you those repair dollars. Extend life of your asset by analyzing the trends in component failures and determining the optimal replacement strategies. With the right analysis serving as a recurrent feedback to your engineering, you could also improve your component design and minimize failures.


Review your service contracts and customize them to mitigate your overall exposure. We understand that offering the right warranty program to the right customer might be a daunting challenge for you. We can help you with the root cause analysis of your warranty repairs and also identify repair fraud.

Kavi will analyze your data


  • Revenue
  • Billing
  • Claims
  • Capital Allocation
  • Service Contracts


  • Sensor Data
  • Shop Repair Data
  • Fleet Data
  • Repair Bill of Material (BOM)