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Innovate at the Speed of Business

As Kavi Global’s innovation arm for solution incubation, our passionate team of experts is here to help you leverage emerging technologies to drive innovation with tangible return on investment (ROI). We partner with clients to experiment and rapidly prototype predictive analytics and AI solutions to drive business outcomes.

Incubating AI with ROI

Ensure your AI solution will deliver tangible return on investment (ROI) and cost savings opportunities by starting from the business problem and crafting a personalized business case of how each insight will be consumed in the operational workflow to drive actions that will result in the most impactful financial and qualitative benefits.


The business


Performance gaps and Financial impacts


Ideal state & Benefits driven MLP roadmap


Build MVP & prove out benefits


& Track prod implementation benefits ROI

Human Centered

with Design Thinking

By rapidly iterating with users, we ensure that AI embedded solutions are intuitive and easy to use, increasing adoption!

Don’t settle for an MVP (minimum viable product), get your MLP (minimum loveable product!)


AI Solutions

with Tangible Business Benefits

No-code tools, AI solution accelerators, and the latest algorithms and techniques from our R&D are available to quickly prove out value.

We will conduct experimental trials, testing a wide array of different models on your data, to determine which meets your needs & evaluation criteria best.

Special Offer*

Full-day, in-person diagnosis
Conducted by the CEO and VP R&D
Worth $5,000 in value
Giving away 5 free Workshops
FCFS basis
Need to qualify
*Conditions Apply
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Enterprise AI

Large scale AI implementations for other Clients.

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AI Accelerators

AI Solution Accelerators to show quick wins of Ai with ROI for your Business.

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Functional Analytics

Business function specific Analytical Suites to build your Intelligent Enterprises.

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AI Tools of the Future

No-Code data and analytics products to enable Citizen Data Scientists to create value with speed.

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