Kavi Labs

Enterprise AI

As Kavi Global’s innovation arm for solution incubation,
our passionate team of experts is here to help you leverage emerging
technologies to drive innovation with tangible return on investment (ROI).

We partner with clients to experiment and rapidly prototype predictive analytics
and AI solutions to drive business outcomes.

Our Areas of Excellence

Kavi Labs brings innovation to life with emerging technology.

Our capabilities span across the entire lifecycle from
idea to prototype to enterprise AI solution:


Our Data Scientists will help create consumable business analytics that can make sense of historical data (descriptive analytics), predict future events (predictive analytics), and recommend decisions based on predictive analytics (prescriptive analytics).

They can also build AI solutions to process image data (computer vision) and text data (natural language processing) meaningfully, and in an automated fashion.


Our UX Designers will help you design and mockup intuitive, user friendly user interfaces to your AI solution and business process workflows to drive adoption and increase efficiency.

Prototyping is a powerful technique in SmartApp design to help think through how we can presentand interact with our analytical output in meaningful, and understable ways. These workflowsare then optimized to maximize efficiency and ease of use as humans interact to add value throughout the workflow.


Our Full Stack SmartApp Developers will help you build out lightweight applications to visualize and interact with AI models and their output. SmartApps also enable users to provide inputs and decisions in the required business process workflow in an intuitive and easy way via the application interface.


We pride ourselves on the quality and customization of each of our offerings.
We don’t just deliver a project to meet client requirements,
we go above and beyond to delight & wow for each client’s specific needs.


We are fully transparent in our work and to each other. Every team member is empowered
to own their ideas and we promise our clients transparency and our full engagement
every step of the way along their data analytics lifecycle.


We foster a culture of innovation and collaboration
where constructive debate is welcomed
in order to surface and shape new ideas that help us grow.


We are stronger together. We operate as one team internally and with
our clients and partners.

Rapidly Prototype AI Solutions

We build analytical prototypes for clients who want to see how AI and emerging tech
can provide value to their business before making an enterprise wide investment.

Our proven best practice process combines design thinking and our
Proof of Value framework to innovate for ROI.



The business


Performance &
Financial impacts
of gap


Ideal state
and MVP
roadmap collaboratively
& iteratively


Build MVP
to prove out
feasibility and




Innovate with Design Thinking

Learn about audience for whom you are designing

Create PoV based
on user needs and


Model one
or more

Share prototype
for testing and

Ensure ROI with our Proof of Value Framework

Learn more about how our prototypes can be scaled to become
SMART Solutions for your enterprise.

Check out our Smart Apps

Enterprise Success Stories Built From Our Prototypes

Failure Detection Solution, ETA Prediction Solution, Bespoke Solution, IIOT.

Anomalizer - AI Powered
Billing Fraud

Auditors manually sifting through millions of data points and may find it difficult to identify hidden patterns, miss non-compliant behaviors, and flag false positive records.

Our AI Solution leverages machine learning to automatically flag suspicious, outlier data points, so that audit teams can focus on taking corrective action with tangible return on investment (ROI)!

This AI Fraud caught at time of estimate can result in cost savings. Fraud identified post invoicing, can be re-collected via the reclaim process.

Whether you have healthcare medical claims data, repair invoices data from your physical assets, or any other kind of billing data, our AI solution can improve your audit team’s efficiency!