Kavi Labs

Research Partnerships

We partner with research institutions to bring innovation to experimental studies and
grant funded research through big data and analytics.

Our Areas of Excellence

Kavi Labs brings innovation to research publications & grant funded research.

Already have some data
from your study?

Our capabilities include:

Our Data Scientists can make sense of your experimental design data in meaningful ways by running various analyses from Correlations (Pearson, Spearman, Chi-Squared) to Comparison of Means (paired t-test, ANOVA) to Regressions to non-parametric tests (Wilcoxon).

Our Visualization Engineers can make sense of your experimental design data in meaningful ways by looking at visualizations that makes the data more natural for the human mind to comprehend and therefore makes it easier to identify trends, patterns, relationships, and outliers within large data sets.

Interactive graphical displays of data that compress data into meaningful and consumable information to generate insights are both an art and a science! Check out some insightful data visualizations that can make your research publication pop!

Looking for technology partners for
new grant proposals?

Our capabilities include:

Our technology savvy analytical grant writers are Co-PIs on various NIH grants, and are available to ideate and innovate novel, technology and AI enabled solutions with you, to ensure your grant proposals pops!

Our Data Scientists can build AI solutions to process image data (computer vision) and text data (natural language processing) meaningfully, and in an automated fashion, to enable research outcomes.

Our Full Stack Application Developers will create lightweight data collection application for you to send out to all your subjects to support your research. Create your own forums or integrate with existing, validated survey tools. Data will be stored in a database available for you to access for your own analysis.

Our Academic Partners

machine learning system

Indoor Air Quality IoT Smart Home and Office

advanced machine learning

No-code DE & DS Video Analytics Deep Learning & AI

machine learning models

Disease Early Detection Rx FW&A Detection

Spotlight:Lurie’s Children’s Hospital

We partnered with Lurie’s to develop visual analytics for adolescent
pain management post invasive surgeries including pectus excavatum,
nuss procedures and appendectomies.

Our team created novel approaches to visualize and understand
pain using time series clustering and descriptive analytics to drive
actionable clinical ecommendations to manage patients’ pain.

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