Proof of Concept

Prove business value first.

Kavi Labs Overview

Kavi Labs provides technology leadership, quality assurance, products and solutions engineered for success. With our partnerships, solutions architecture and solutions accelerators, your company can grow and profit. Our clients have access to Kavi Labs, equipped with our partner technologies for proof of concepts. By utilizing Kavi labs there is no need to invest in costly licenses until you know that the implementation will work. We can provide a fully functioning proof of concept. During that phase, the implementation roadblocks can be addressed. We work with the latest in business analytics technologies. We know best how to use and implement them into a complete and fully functioning analytics system. Let our labs be the home of your next proof of concept.

Typical POC’s can consist of the following:

  • Define the business case via use case definitions with ROI
  • Select a use case and define requirements for POC build out 
  • Design and develop the POC with limited number of data sources to prove value
  • Develop sample data ingestion, transformation and loading routines per solution requirement
  • Provide architecture for production implementation