Continuing Patent for Advana approved!

Two years ago, it was a seminal milestone in the Advana product development when we were granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (US-PTO) for the product’s unique capability to run data engineering and data analytics workflows in multiple compute technologies (Patent no. US 10,162,108 B2). The groundbreaking feature of Advana – to be able to migrate the data flows from one technology to another – was recognized by the US-PTO in granting the patent.

Building on that initial patent, we applied a “Continuing claim” – additional inventions that build on an existing approved patent and increases the scope of the initial claims. This Continuing claim incorporated the Advana capabilities of Business Rules and Data quality specifications in a multi-technology environment. In other words, the US-PTO recognized and approved the capabilities to define business rules and data quality specifications in a logical way and Advana’s capability to translate them into the technology of choice. We are excited to announce that the patent office approved this continuing claim recently!

By this feature, users can define business rules and data quality specifications logically and do not need to re-create them when the analytics workflow gets migrated from one technology to another. This is a huge benefit to the users by saving time, resources, and training required to define the business rules and data quality rules in new technology.

We are thankful to the US-PTO office for recognizing and approving this continuing claim. We will keep you updated on further developments in this area.



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