Kavi Global Granted Two Patents for Groundbreaking Enterprise Data Engineering and Data Science Software Platform Advana

The company’s game changing innovation enables their customers to develop no-code, technology agnostic, future-proof data and analytics solutions in record time, at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors.

Barrington, IL, March 16, 2021 – Kavi Global, a leading provider of cross-industry data and analytics software, solutions and services, announced today that the company’s revolutionary technology Advana has been granted two patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Advana supports the entire data and analytics value chain including data ingestion, data transformation, data quality, business rules, data catalog, data lineage, data as a service (DaaS), orchestration and machine learning.

“Advana is the first comprehensive enterprise data and analytics software in the market that truly enables customers to deploy their solutions in record time and at a fraction of the cost,” said Kavi Global CEO Vijitha Kaduwela. It does so by empowering data engineers and data scientists with a no-code, visual development paradigm.

“While Advana users need to be data literate and have data engineering and data science skills, they do not need to have hardcore programming skills. This greatly enhances their ability to accelerate business value creation compared to those who must spend a majority of their time in the weeds of programming,” said Srinivasan Chandrasekaran, head of software at Kavi Global.

Advana’s innovation lies in capturing a solution specification metadata via a visual programming interface and automatically generating the code for a given compute technology at run time. This capability allows customers to easily upgrade solutions to a later version of the same technology as well as migrate solutions across different technologies with ease. This provides customers with the rare choice of multiple commodity open source and commercial vendor compute technologies. 

“We do not lock-in our customers to a proprietary compute technology. Solutions developed using Advana are future-proof,” said Kavi Global’s Chief Technology Officer Rajesh Inbasekaran. “Technology platforms and compute technologies are always evolving, so Advana ensures that no matter which technology or version you are using, adapting to change is as easy as selecting a choice from a drop-down menu.” 

Advana can be deployed on-premises and/or any of the leading cloud environments. Read more about Advana’s data engineering and data science capabilities here.

About Kavi Global
Kavi Global accelerates digital transformation and creates business value for clients with its comprehensive array of data and analytics solutions, software and services. The company has a diverse set of clients across healthcare, pharmaceutical, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, financial services, retail, and transportation verticals. Kavi Global has been recognized by Gartner in their Market Guides for Data and Analytics and Machine Learning.