Kavi Global Announces 3-Pronged Business Transformation Strategy to Accelerate Disruptive Innovation

“The goal of the reconfiguration is to create high-value, quick-to-market Data and Analytics Solutions, bringing disruptive innovation to market by leveraging our expertise and experience in Solutions, Software and Services.”- Vijitha Kaduwela, Founder & CEO, Kavi Global

Kavi Global’s 3-pronged business transformation strategy is driven by a reconfiguration of the business, that is bolstered by a front-back matrix of technology enabled services. In the new structure, the back-end of the organization (Services and Software functions in US and India) will deliver Solutions, that the front, client-facing side of the company (Sales and BD) will market. Supporting the new structure, Kavi Labs, a shared capability, will drive disruptive innovation and deliver emerging technology and early-stage Data and Analytics Solutions.

“In the new decade, we need to transform ourselves and position our 11-year old business to better serve our clients. We need a new growth-friendly structure that is both agile and comprehensive across the life cycle of Analytical Solutions,” said Vijitha Kaduwela, Founder and CEO. “The goal of the reconfiguration is to create high-value, quick-to-market Data and Analytics Solutions, bring disruptive innovation to market by leveraging our expertise and experience in Solutions, Software and Services. The new structure is an evolutionary step that drives the adoption of Data and Analytics, while streamlining and boosting the value co-creation opportunities with our enterprise clients, industry start-ups, entrepreneurs and business partners.”

In the reconfiguration, the two previous verticals have been split into five (Solutions Delivery into two – Enterprise Solutions and Services. The R&D group into three – Industry Solutions, Software, and Kavi Labs).

Two types of Analytical Solutions delivery capabilities are enabled by the new strategy:  Enterprise Solutions and Industry Solutions. Enterprise Solutions are the bespoke solutions developed for a single client. This group will collaborate and co-create solutions with their enterprise clients. Types of Enterprise Solutions include: Business Solutions (such as Finance, Risk, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Customer, HR Analytics) and Technology Solutions (such as Analytics deployment on Cloud and Mobile, Solutions Modernization, Maturity Assessments, Advisory Services, Road map Development, and Change Acceleration) across industries. The Enterprise Solutions group will be led by Vignesh Balasubramanian, who previously led the Consulting Services group at Kavi Global.

Industry Solutions are the digital start-up ventures, powered by Smart Solutions, offered to all clients in the same industry domain. These are Software as a Service (SaaS), operating businesses. This group will collaborate with Strategic Partners, Financial Partners, Industry Experts and Launch Clients to deliver Smart Solutions that will address opportunities across Healthcare, Education, Pharma, Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Energy, Retail, and Transportation verticals. The Industry Solutions group will be led by Rajesh Inbasekaran, who previously led the R&D group at Kavi Global.

The new matrixed Services group will Design, Build, Operate and Manage Enterprise and Industry Solutions. They will continue to deploy these solutions on Cloud and On-Premise, using Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google GCP platforms. They will also partner with other commercial and open-source technology and services vendors as required. Services teams will be led by a person yet to be named, who would manage a group of Engagement Leaders.

The new matrixed Software group will continue to develop and market the flagship no-code, Data Engineering (Data Ingestion, Data Integration, Data Quality, Business Rules, Data Catalog, Data Profiling, Business Intelligence, etc.) and Data Science (Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics). The Software suite accelerates value delivery, boosts productivity, and mitigates many risks associated with technology and skill obsolescence, freeing clients from vendor lock-in and future proofing solutions. Their software will continue to be used by the Enterprise Solutions, Industry Solutions, and Kavi Labs groups. Software group will be led by Srinivasan Chandrasekaran who was previously a Product Manager in the R&D group.

Kavi Global’s decade old innovation arm, Kavi Labs, previously an internally focused incubator and accelerator, will open their doors to all clients. Their capabilities include Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, IoT, Wearables, and leverage Diagnostic Business Development and Design Thinking methodologies to partner with clients. Kavi Labs group will be led by Naomi Kaduwela, who recently joined the Kavi Global from GE Healthcare. A pioneering member of the GE Healthcare’s Global Business Analytics group, Naomi served as a Technical Product Manager in her last role.

About Kavi Global:Headquartered in Barrington IL, US, Kavi Global is a modern Solutions, Software, and Services company, that specializes in Data and Analytics delivery on the Cloud and Mobile. In their Enterprise Solutions line of business, they co-create business value, collaborating with their clients. Their new Industry Solutions line of business is focused on enabling digital start-ups. They have a diverse set of clients across Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, and Transportation verticals. They have been recognized by Gartner in their Market Guides for Data and Analytics and Machine Learning for the last three years in a row.