Kavi Labs Opens Doors to Aspiring Innovators and Entrepreneurs

“What our clients are most excited about is having a place to come where they can explore the Art of the Possible, and partner with a team of experts who can help them bring their AI dreams to life.” Naomi Kaduwela, Head of Kavi Labs

This is an integral part of Kavi Global’s 3-Pronged Business Transformation Strategy, announced earlier this year. “What our clients are most excited about is having a place to come where they can explore the Art of the Possible, and partner with a team of experts who can help them bring their AI dreams to life.” Naomi Kaduwela, Head of Kavi Labs, excitedly shared. Naomi joined Kavi Global from GE Healthcare, where she was a pioneering member of their Global Business Analytics group. A graduate of GE’s Digital Technology Leadership program, Naomi has earned a dual BS degree in Computer Science and Psychology and an MS degree in Analytics from Northwestern University.

Kavi Labs capabilities include AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, and IoT. The team guides clients from ideation to monetization of analytics, delighting them with a focus on creating a rewarding user experience. “I’m truly honored to have the opportunity to lower the barriers to entry and disrupt the marketplace by making high-end analytics accessible and affordable.” Naomi shared. Kavi Global has been recognized by Gartner in their Market Guides for Data and Analytics and Machine Learning for 3 years running. They leverage Design Thinking and proprietary Analytics Value Acceleration Frameworks, perfected over the years, to accelerate co-creation of business value.

“Our clients come from a variety of industries, and range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Sometimes they are even start-ups within established businesses, with the ambition to shape the future with AI, create new revenue streams, and transform their companies.” explains Naomi. “We address not only the machine side of the equation, but the many human challenges of launching digital businesses, and transforming established businesses.” she added. Naomi recently facilitated a session at the Inaugural Center for Deep Learning Symposium at Northwestern University that looks to the future of AI. She shares insightful reflections from the session:“Oftentimes, developing AI itself is actually the easier part of the equation. Getting organizational buy-in, prioritizing and productionizing opportunities, change management, and delivering business outcomes with tangible ROI, are actually the most difficult parts of the equation to get AI solutions over the finish line and create true business value.”

At Kavi Global, Kavi Labs is strategically positioned as a feeder to the Solutions groups. “When Lab projects prove out their business value and delight clients, our Solutions team helps them take it forward, completing the journey from early-stage to commercialization.” explains Vignesh Balasubramanian, Head of Enterprise Solutions. “We are excited to open the doors to digital start-ups to create new revenue streams” adds Rajesh Inbasekaran, Head of Industry Solutions. “Many internally focused initiatives, during the last 11 years at Kavi Labs, have been very fruitful, resulting in the development of several innovative products including the no-code software Plexa for Data Engineering, the no-code software Advana for data science, and even an IoT platform.” explains Srinivasan Chandrasekaran, Head of Software at Kavi Global. Kavi Labs is now using the no-code data engineering and data science software as a part of their arsenal to accelerate lab projects. Last year, a team of Data Scientists at Northwestern University evaluated the no-code software on functionality, performance, and user experience compared to hand-coding in Python, validating the commercial benefits.

Two of the hottest areas at Kavi Labs right now are:1). Deep Learning & Computer Vision applications for Image Recognition & Classification in Healthcare and for Defect Recognition in Manufacturing 2). Machine Learning & Anomaly Detection applications for Industrial Asset Maintenance.

Three early-stage industry solutions in Healthcare include:1). Analytics to combat Fraud Waste and Abuse (FW&A) in Medical Billing and Prescription Drug Claims. This solution also includes analytics focused on combating the Opioid Crisis 2). Machine Learning for Early Detection of Disease Progression. For example, Diabetes Mellitus to Chronic Kidney Disease and Alport Syndrome to Chronic Kidney Disease 3). An IoT Sensor Package to Monitor Indoor Environment for Optimal Cognitive Function and Productivity at work, schools, and home. In addition to client projects and industry solutions, Kavi Labs also collaborates with Academia, and has active partnerships with researchers and faculty members at Northwestern University, UC Davis, and Butler University.