Rendering Cost-effective Manufacturing Analytics Solutions

In recent years, Internet of Things (IoT) has matured to become an important part of an organization’s future growth strategy. According to Forbes, The global IoT market is projected to grow from $2.99T in 2014 to $8.9T by 2020.Today, business leaders are looking to bring the benefits of IoT into the manufacturing sector to make processes more efficient and hassle-free. In this time and age of a widespread IoT revolution, one company that is taking the plunge to help manufacturing companies enter the IIoT market and build new revenue streams is Kavi Global.

Founded in the year 2008, Kavi Global is a Barrington, Illinois based pure-play data analytics company offering Consulting, Software and Solutions. The company specializes in all things Data Analytics:Analytics Strategy, Data Warehousing, BI and Analytics including modern variants such as Big Data, IIoT, AI and Machine Learning. The growth of data analytics in the manufacturing sector has pushed the industry to cross new boundaries. However, a number of companies are yet to find an efficient way to manage their data resources without increasing costs and overhead. This is where Kavi Global’s ability to deliver cost-effective analytics solutions can be helpful to business in ways more than one. With Kavi Global’s solutions, businesses can optimize their supply chains, and data collection capabilities and do analysis real-time.

Supply Chain Optimization

The company’s supply chain optimization solutions are made up of two primary capabilities:data engineering and data science. Kavi Global’s Data engineering software helps efficiently integrate data from disparate systems, do quality control and prepare for analytics and reporting. As large manufacturing companies typically have many ERP systems and a variety of home grown systems, such data integration is quite expensive and takes a long time. Kavi Global’s software simplifies the integration process, helping the customers accelerate adoption and scale.

On the data science side, its supply chain optimization solutions provide a Control Center that yields end-to-end insights that includes orders, shipments and services. This feature helps clients to accelerate their supply chain maturity from fragmented, local optimization to providing an extended view with profit focused global optimization. “We believe in incorporating new features by both listening to the customers and based on market demands”, says Vijitha Kaduwela, Founder & CEO, Kavi Global.

Efficiency improvement and flexibility

Manufacturing is an industry driven by regulatory changes and ongoing search for efficiency improvements. To keep up with the regulatory changes, the company has built the next generation data engineering and data science software that are easier to manage and can be changed when required. “Our software help clients leverage the technology investments which they may have already made,” says Vijitha.

For instance, editing the business rules inside the software should be a convenient and less time-consuming task as there can be a huge number of business rules. For this, Kavi Global has made them logical and visual. So, the ongoing management of business rules does not require IT resources to make code changes. This, by itself, contributes considerably to efficiency improvement.

Cost shrinkage

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has made it cost-effective to implement a virtual model of any product, process or a service (also referred to as a “Digital Twin”). Kavi Global has the people, skills and methodologies to help their clients implement and derive value from the digital twin model. They take an optimized approach that leverages the right technology foundations to meet business objectives and optimizes returns as well, while minimizing the cost of implementation. The company has been able to improve the performance of these three processes significantly, namely Services, Time-ToMarket, and Total Cost of Ownership, therefore, cutting the cost of analytics for the clients by at least 30%.

“kavi global has the people, skills and methodologies to help their clients implement and derive value from the digital twin model”

Customer-oriented Development

Vijitha explains, “Our designing process typically starts with a strategy and design engagement. The objective of a strategy engagement is to create a vision, identify the opportunities to apply data analytics, estimate the incremental benefits, and jointly develop a design and roadmap that will lay out the best path to accelerate the adoption and scale. The key factor of differentiation in this type of engagement is that the outputs contain a design and therefore the roadmap becomes actionable.”

The transition from being a pure consulting services company into a Consulting, Software and Solutions company tells the potential and the adaptability of Kavi Global. Over the years, the company plans to shift their business focus more towards Software and Solutions. This will enable them to further accelerate the value they offer to clients. It’s capability to provide comprehensive Data Analytics Lifecycle Management Services combined with the abilities of a truly digital enterprise helps Kavi Global break the mould.

Gartner has recently recognized Kavi Global in its Market Guide on Data Science and Machine Learning Service Providers, 2017. The company has been recognized by CIO Review as one of the Top 20 Promising Data Analytics Service Providers.