Be an IoT leader

Not an IoT Laggard

With the rapid pace of change in IoT, especially in disciplines such as intelligent
machines, expertise to build holistic solutions is scarce. Kavi Global as a
dedicated IoT Partner will help you create and implement a better IoT strategy;
as well as address all skills and expertise equirements in your IoT blueprint.

IoT Use Cases

Kavi Global will help you to

   Design the IoT strategy required to solved your data needs
   Map the flow of data from data gathering to analytics
   Decide where to perform the analytics in your architecture
   Deploy the defined architecture across the organization
   Arrive at the optimal level of automation

Our IoT Capabilities Include


Synthesize the vision and key business outcomes into the solution. Arrive at an architecture with tools and technologies that support the immediate and long term
requirements of the solution.


Install and configure the determined software and tools as per the approved
deployment architecture. Provision and administer the platform.



Ingest stream data from the devices , processes it into usable information, and finally analyze to provide actionable results.



Evolve the solution and deliver dditional capabilities at a high velocity.


Our IoT Capability Framework

Some of the many IoT technologies we work with

Our IoT Success Story

Helping a Manufacturing conglomerate enter
the IIoT Market and build new revenue streams