Cloud Services

Making your IT architecture weightless

The fast pace of technological advances has an ever increase toll on IT infrastructure as systems become more demanding and the amount of data becomes unmanegeable. Moreover, new an improved applications come to market every year, which forces IT teams to focus constantly on architecture planning and infrastructure modernization. Our approach to Cloud provides a clear framework of diagnostic, planning, migration and optimization to ensure that all your infrastructure needs are covered.

Cloud is not the solution,
it is a solution

And as with any other technological solutions it is
important to understand when to leverage it to
maximize the value of your IT architecture and when
it is actually not useful. Developing a sound cloud
strategy is actually top priority.

Kavi Global will help you to

    Design the cloud strategy that provides the best value at the lowest cost
    Map your IT architecture from data to applications
    Define clear IT architecture maintenance and management guidelines
    Develop a framework for further IT architecture optimization opportunities
    Provide overall support for your cloud services

Our cloud services capabilities include:

Cloud Technologies we work with

Data Management
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure SQL Databases
Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Database for PostgresSQL
Azure Storage Account
Data Factory
Amazon Redshift
Amazon EMR
Amazon S3
Amazon Lambda
Amazon DynamoDB
Azure IoT Hub
Azure Time Series Insights
Azure IoT Central
Amazon SQS
Data Science
Azure Cognitive Services
Azure Time Series Insights
Azure Databricks
Power BI
Amazon Quicksight
Application Development
Google OR
Azure Devops services
Load balancer