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A good data governance program, when implemented, allows a business to extract more value from the data. Whether it is to improve operations, increase revenue, or even monetize data. A Data Governance strategy is an enabler of various value drivers in enterprises.

Kavi’s Data Governance Maturity Assessment

Discover hidden aspects of your organization’s culture, evaluate current strategies, analyze effectiveness of practices, and define a plan to increase your enterprise data governance maturity.

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Kavi’s Data Governance Best Practices


Recognize data governance as one important part of the larger IT governance program, and it is highly coupled to other aspects such as development governance, security governance, and so on. Focusing just on data governance poses a risk of optimizing data governance in such a way that it doesn't work well with the rest of the governance efforts, putting the entire governance program at risk.

Data governance efforts should be owned. The people most suited to be the owners of IT governance are the executive business stakeholders.

Have quantifiable goals and targets that deliver real benefits and value across the organization.

Build the best suited operating model, identify data domains, discover critical elements, build robust and scalable processes.

Define control measurements, automated workflows for feedback, approval, escalation, compliance, review, and issue management.

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