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With the rapid pace of change in IoT, especially in disciplines such as intelligent machines,
expertise to build holistic solutions is scarce. Kavi Global as a dedicated IoT Partner
will address all skill and expertise requirements in your IoT blueprint.

Kavi Global will help you to

Formulate the
problem you are
solving with IoT

Determine type and
kind of
analytics required

Map the data required
both sensor,
enterprise and other

Decide where to
perform the
analytics – edge vs center

Arrive at the optimal
of automation

Our IoT Services

iot application services


Synthesize the vision and key business outcomes into the solution. Arrive at an architecture with tools and technologies that support the immediate and long term requirements of the solution.
iot applications and services


Install and configure the determined software and tools as per the approved deployment architecture. Provision and administer the platform.
iot development services


Ingest stream data from the devices , processes it into usable information, and finally analyze to provide actionable results.
iot integration services


Evolve the solution and deliver dditional capabilities at a high velocity.

Our IoT Capability Framework

Open Source IoT Technologies
Azure IoT
On-Premise, any Cloud and Hybrid
Edge Processing
Support Propriety Protocols, Device SDK’s, Apache Edgent
AWS Device SDK
Azure Device SDK
Gateway Communication
MQTT, TCP Sockets, HTTP, Web Socket
MQTT, HTTP, MQTT, Web Socket
AWS IoT – Registry, Rules, Device Shadow
IoT Hub
Data Storage
Implement custom platform components to support solutions
DynamoDB, RDS
Cosmos DB, SQL Server
Data Integration and Streaming
Plexa, Apache Spark, Kafka, Storm
Amazon Kinesis
Azure Stream Analytics
Analytics/Machine Learning
Plexa: Advana, Apache Spark MLLib
Amazon Machine Learning, EMR
Azure Machine Learning
Smart Application using AngularJS, Highcharts, REST Services etc.
Only Visualization using Amazon Quicksight
Only Visualization using PowerBI

Logical Solution Architecture

iot managed services

IoT Use Cases

Some of the many IoT technologies we work with

Our IoT Success Story

Helping a Manufacturing conglomerate enter the
IIoT Market and build new revenue streams