If more data and complexity is throwing your IoT implementation off, Kavi can show you how to turn it into more automation for your business!

IoT Services



 Synthesize the vision and key business outcomes into the solution. Arrive at an architecture with tools and technologies that support the immediate and long term requirements of the solution.



Install and configure the determined software and tools as per the approved deployment architecture. Provision and administer the platform.



Ingest stream data from the devices , processes it into usable information, and finally analyze to provide actionable results.



Evolve the solution and deliver additional capabilities at a high velocity.

 A Bottom Up Approach to Innovation

As IoT grows into a mature state, the vision of an intelligent and interconnected operations begin to emerge. However, while the returns from an IoT investment are potentially huge, the focus and expertise necessary to pull off a project can be potentially daunting, and require a cross functional approach to developing a solution. The team developing an IoT solution is of vital importance, and partnering with an experienced group is a wise investment to ensure a successful outcome.

Measurable Bottom Line Impact
The test of any successful IoT project is measured via broader organizational goals such as sales, change management, or profitability. While “neat tech” may get the headlines and water cooler talk, driving down costs or revenue generation is ultimately what defines a successful company. This intense focus on end objectives and business goals is only achieved when a well-balanced team is able to craft a solution that collects data at the edge device, processes it into usable information, and finally analyzes it into actionable and tangible results. Shown below is the logical architecture for IoT solutions.

Logical Solution Architecture

IoT Logical Architecture.png

A  proper IoT physical architecture, choice of technology and implementation is a careful blend of engineering skills, technology, and analytics, all driven with the goal of achieving key business objectives. Kavi is a proven partner that can help you reach those objectives.

Kavi will help you to

◊ Formulate the problem your solving with IoT

◊ Determine type and kind of analytics required

◊ Map the data required both sensor, enterprise and other

◊ Decide where to perform the analytics – edge vs center

◊ Arrive at the optimal level of automation

For all types of sensor data

» Measurement

» Situational

» Transactions

» Diagnostics

» Context

 Few of our customer use cases

New Revenue Streams
Transform from a hardware/data provider to a value added solution provider by offering analytical solutions that combine the sensor data with customer data
Reliability Analytics
Improve the reliability of assets by providing engineers with the ability to perform data discovery & self-service analytics on sensor data
Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
Modernize & enhance Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics platform capabilities with streaming, real time data ingestion, transformation & in-stream analytical capabilities
Condition Based Maintenance
Reduce costs by introducing a condition based maintenance program by further augmenting the master modeling data with sensor data
Asset Downtime Reduction
Reduce asset down time by providing the ability to monitor events, visualize & manage exceptions in real time

Some of the many IoT technologies we work with