Managed Services

Specialized Capacity across Cloud, Applications, & AI

The Rise of Managed Services

Intelligent Enterprises Require Strategic Managed Services Partners with
Deep Expertise

Technology is evolving at an exponentially increasing rate, meaning that highly in demand, specialized skills sets are constantly evolving. Many organizations may not have the resources on demand to manage their ever-growing needs. IT Application, Infrastructure, & Data Science Support teams can quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of work necessary to keep everything up-to-date on technology, reskilling themselves, while also addressing issues related to cost, quality of service, regulatory changes, and risk.

Kavi is your Strategic Managed Services Partner

Highly Skilled Technology Consultants On Demand.

Kavi Managed Services team is your strategic partner to take on, transform, and run business operations and processes to improve quality and efficiency on a long term basis.

20% +

improved margins

from portfolio realignment


quality improvement

throught life-cylce management


Greater focus on core business enhances member and provider relations and client-centric service. Incremental level of service and modular approach allows customization of the offering based on the IT support required, with clearly defined and predictable costs.


Our Four-Phase TOMEI Framework (Transition, Operate & Maintain, Evaluate, and Improve) ensures risk-free transition , sustainable steady-state framework, and scope for continuous improvement. Each of the four overlapping phases incorporates a holistic strategy covering people, process, and technology.

TOMEI Framework


KAVI provides managed services across platforms and models. We ensure the smooth functioning of IT applications and enterprise operations while continuously optimizing cloud services. We offer managed IT services for operational support as well as strategic services at value businesses and ensure that your enterprise aligns with the business environment and mitigates risks with effective change management.

Kavi's Managed Services Offerings

End to end Cloud Management

Kavi’s cloud consulting services can help you find the right mix of hybrid cloud that can turn your IT organization into a valuable change agent for innovation and growth. Our team of cloud computing consultants can help you build the right cloud for your business and evolve your team’s culture and skills to embrace cloud. KAVI Cloud Managed Services span across provisioning, operations, monitoring, security, performance management, support, and sustenance of private, public and hybrid infrastructure.

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Value Driven Application Management

Kavi’s Application support and maintenance services are aimed at ensuring that applications are highly available, reliable and stay relevant to current business needs. We offer comprehensive KPI-based end-to-end support for the uninterrupted performance of mission-critical business applications and software products from install and setup, to security configurations, to end user support services.

ModelOps to Support AI Models in Production

Kavi’s Enterprise AI Service includes ModelOps, providing collaboration between data scientists and operations professionals, orchestrating and managing machine learning and deep learning models lifecycle across the business, including production, evaluation, application, and governance. Serving as the core of AI strategy, ModelOps framework ensures that no matter at which stage, AI models are under well-rounded governance, aligned with organizations’ overall goals and KPIs, and could be evaluated by business domain experts, thereby supporting the development and deployment of complicated AI models in production and monetization.

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Maintain product documentation for self service, training, FAQs
Simple issue resolution via phone & screen share
Troubleshooting root cause & routine maintenance
Fix root cause issues in code & database level
Customization, adding new features or integrations
Code Review
Performance Monitoring
Infrastructure Monitoring
Resource Optimization
CI/CD & DevOps
Unit Testing to ensure reliability
Continuous monitoring
Cloud Infrastructure & CI/CD Testing Frameworks
Cloud Resource consumption Optimization for storage and compute
Infrastructure as Code (IaC), containerization, & automated testing