R&D Services

Kavi Global’s R&D Team delivers value internally and externally through optimizing cost of analytics for clients and developing furturistic software that help clients accelerate and scale analytics.

On the Internal front

Service Accelerators

The R&D Team enables the Service Delivery Team by constantly innovating over the Project Delivery processes and coming up with Service Accelerators. In the last 8 years, our R&D- driven Accelerators have enabled optimizing the cost of analytics for our clients upto 30%*, arguably a category–best. This makes Kavi Global the go-to partner for client enterprises like you, aspiring to do more with analytics.

On the External Front

Kavi Labs

The R&D Team offers Lab Services for clients who want to do PoV of any analytics technology, before investing fully in buying its licence. Our Proof of Value Services involve the following 5 steps:

Define Business Case with RoI
Define Requirements for PoV buildout
Design and Develop PoV with limited data resources to prove value
Develop sample data ingestion, transformation & loading routines based on solution requirement
Provide architecture for production implementation

Accelerated Adoption 
of Emerging Technologies

With our Product Development Experts team in R&D, Kavi Global has the opportunity to leverage their wealth of experience from working on emerging technologies in the analytics space to accelerate adoption of such technologies by client enterprises. With this, our clients get to implement and derive business value faster and achieve better cost efficiency.

Software Development

Over the years, the R&D Team has excelled in developing Service Accelerator tools for internal use; this has evolved into full-fledged product development endeavors, resulting in our flagship Data Management Software Plexa. The Machine Learning Module of Plexa is commercialized as Advana. Both software are critically acclaimed for their stack abstraction capabilities among a plethra of other advanced analytics functionalities, that enable client enterprises do tomorrow’s analytics, today.