Create training datasets for computer vision models with our fully-managed solution

Video & Image Annotation

Label or categorize videos and images at scale


Classify media with discrete survey scores

Facial Landmarking

Move facial landmarks into proper place

Occlusion Marking

Mark areas that are obstructed from view

Bounding Boxes

Identify items of interest with one or many bounding boxes

Linear Scale

Rate images for emotion via pre defined linear scales

Ensure Data Labeling Quality

   Guided data labeling workflow

   Data labeling training

   Inter-rater reliability checks

   Intra-rater reliability checks

   Optimized to minimize clicks

Client Work

Use Case

Data labeling or training supervised computer vision models

  Source Data  

Image & Video Data

Data Labeling Type

Classification, Facial Landmarks, Emotion Detection & Scoring


Thousands of images i.e. video extraction of frames every half second


Emotion Detection & Classification

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