AI Accelerators

AI with ROI

Modular data science capabilities that you can leverage to quickly prove out the ability to deliver tangible business outcomes for your enterprise with AI.

Catch Billing Fraud

with AI Fraud Detection


Apply AI to identify fraud in billing data, flagging them for reclaim and prevention of systemic revenue leakage in future.

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Classify Videos & Images

with Computer Vision


Apply AI to interpret images and classify images, like MRI imaging medical analysis, and detect objects or events within images. Apply AI to interpret, process, and analyze the information acquired from videos and run several models to detect and classify objects, defects, classify anomalies, and navigate autonomous vehicles.

Content Management

with OCR Image to Text


Apply AI to Identify information in images and translate it into text. Text is then stored in a searchable manner to be retrieved and visualized for insights at the time of need.

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Supply Chain Optimization

with Network Analytics


Find out the most efficient solution to optimize the supply chain. Make smart decisions on scheduling, routing, and locations and have the right stock, in the right place, at the right levels, time and cost.

Customer Sentiment

with Text Analytics 


Apply AI to determine customer sentiment from reviews to help decision makers formulate better commercial strategies.

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Smart Preventative Maintenance

with IoT Streaming Analytics


Large data volume captured by IOT devices enable more possibilities for operation decision improvement such as preventive maintenance, a measurement that detects the onset of system degradation, standardize and analyze the outputs from sensors across manufacturers, and enables causal stressors to be eliminated or controlled prior to any significant deterioration in the component physical state, thereby improving operational efficiency and reducing maintenance cost.

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