Functional Analytics

Create an Intelligent Enterprise

Functional analytics shift the focus from simply delivering data and building reports to establishing function specific data and analytics strategies to create a competitive advantage and deliver value.

    Commercial Analytics

Identify hidden opportunities and translate insights into income by creating new opportunities and new demand, including pricing power, survival analysis, sales planning, purchase behavior modeling, customer sentiment analysis, customer churn analysis… etc.

    Operational Analytics

Leverage operational data to identify bottlenecks and create action plans to continuously improve performance. Our solution tailors to each client’s industry and enable clients to make the best use of resources and enhance the visibility and profitability.

    Financial Analytics

Optimize your portfolio, mitigate risks, and target the right direction to enhance profitability, liquidity, and stability. Benchmark the performance, identify hidden opportunities, and improve return on investment.

    Engineering Analytics

Proactively identify early defects in process and assets, conduct root cause analysis, and reinforce overall assets reliability to enhance quality, yield, productivity, and safety. Keep up with new demand and requirement from customers and improve profit margins.

    HR Analytics

Gaining timely access to the information from a well rounded dashboard enables HR management to know what problems employees are having, take actions immediately, and reduce turnovers.