Healthcare Data Analytics

Actionable analytics for improving quality of care and patient outcomes.

Overcome your key healthcare business challenges

Improving Quality Of Care
Analyzing your healthcare quality is imperative to the success of your healthcare organization. Quality can be measured by looking at outcomes, satisfaction, efficiency, safety, utilization, and engagement. Overcome this healthcare challenges by understanding quality on a provider and patient level and how it relates to PQRS. Know what truly drives quality by eliminating the guesswork.
Driving Better Outcomes
Outcomes have to be improved for every patient encounter. This involves evaluating risks, measuring the past performance, using healthcare data analytical models to predict the likely outcomes and prescribe appropriate treatment plans.
Meaningful Use Of Data
As meaningful use adoption increases, new challenges will arise. These healthcare challenges include gaining actionable insights from the vast amounts of data that are now being captured. Effectively linking EHR data with operational and financial data can provide key strategic insights.
Evolution Of Reimbursement Models
As contracts change from fee-for-service to pay-for- performance, revenue related risks will continue to increase.
Gain transparency into the performance of each contract. Understand the details that make up each payment so there are no surprises.
Focus On Cost
Efficient care is becoming an equal benchmark to quality of care. Maintaining efficiency without risking quality can be a significant challenge.
Use the power of health data analytics to forecast the outcome of implementing efficiency changes.