Higher Education Analytics Framework

Actionable insights that drive business improvement

Overcome key business challenges

Higher education institutions are collecting more data than ever before. Data warehousing, Business Intelligence and Analytics will significantly advance an institution in providing efficient campus operations, effective human capital management and will help to manage the finances skillfully. One of the major barriers to analytics in higher education is cost. Many institutions view analytics as an expensive endeavor rather than as an investment. Much of the concern around affordability centers on the perceived need for expensive tools or data collection methods. What is needed most, however, is investment in analytics professionals who can contribute to the entire process, from defining the key questions to developing data models to designing and delivering alerts, dashboards, recommendations, and reports.

Monitoring Employee Compensation
Human Resource professionals need to follow the university policies and the employee compensation guidelines which have complex business rules based on employee profiles and their tenure. Government and academic organizations define these rules and observe them by using various payroll reports so that they can conform to the guidelines.
Reduce The Duration Of Monthly, Semi Annual And Annual Closing
A reporting solution sources the transactions from the data warehouse and should provide access to accurate and timely information, which helps the educational institution to progress into the future. Duration of the closing activities can exceed the planned deadline which becomes a major holdup of efficient operations of the institution.
Clear Visibility To Employee Funding Data
Employees are funded multiple ways through various projects, multiple departments, numerous funding source entities, etc. and this complexity is broken down if the University administration has the access to the right data. That way fund balance information is used to plan the university operations in a more efficient manner.
Comprehensive Financial Summary On The Go
Consolidating all the budget, income, revenue and expenses and presenting the summarized data is the vision of any finance leadership. A summary report helps the university administration with information across business unit, fiscal year, accounting period, fund and department.

Gain relevant insights from your Higher Education data

Campus Solutions / Human Capital Management

  • Course Enrollment Stats
  • Instructor Grading Analytics
  • Financial Donation Predictions
  • Market based compensation equity analysis
  • Employee Action History Tracking
  • Hiring Analytics
  • Departmental Funding Tracker
  • Benefits Management

Finance / Budgeting

  • Comprehensive Financial Summary
  • Ledger group Summary and Drilldowns
  • Journal Reporting/Commitment Controls
  • Revenue and Expense Budgeting
  • Encumbrance Breaks out spending totals
  • Capital Improvement Analysis
  • Monitoring State, F&A and Trust funds