Success Story

AI enabled audits on Transportation Equipment Repair Bill



Business Problem

A leading railcar leasing company encountered difficulties to manually audit repair invoices. Humans can not capture anomalies and identify root causes efficiently accurately, such as Invoice overcharging, duplicate charge, wrong shops, and bundle error…, etc.


Built AI solution to identify outliers across a variety of anomaly signatures (overcharging, duplicate charging, wrong shop, etc.)

Business Outcomes

With our AI solution, they were able to identify and flag skeptical events, actors, and the collusion of fraudulent actors across a variety of anomaly signatures using analytical approaches including Distribution based, Clustering, Association Rule, Sequencing, Historical occurrence, and Custom Rules to enhance the quality of process and decision making, yielding tangible benefits of tens of million through point and click without hiring any data scientists. Apart from recognizing anomalies and estimating financial benefit, our solutions also provide ecommendations on data capturing, collecting, and processes to improve data quality and streamline the anomaly detection path going forward.

Scope of Engagement

12 weeks engagement to deliver AI model, map the current state, and future state.

Services Provided

AI Development, Current & Future State Business Process Mapping, SmartApp UI/UX Design Mock Ups.

Technology Used

Microsoft Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Synapse Analytics, HDInsight. SAS.