Success Story

Enabling An Online Legal Information And Law Firm Marketing
Service Provider To Develop An Analytics-Driven Growth Strategy



Business Problem

  • The client’s business was witnessing 21% loss in customer base every year.
  • Business growth was becoming increasingly stagnant.


Strategy and design of an Analytics roadmap that included Current Status Analysis, Future vision to address customer retention issues and business growth targeted at 15% Y-o-Y.

Business Outcomes

The Strategic Roadmap encompassing Functional Analysis Report, Overall Prioritized Use cases (funneled from 150+ to 24 final ones) and Technology Gap Analysis, Product Performance Analytics, Consumer Leads Demand & Supply Optimization, Attrition Analytics, Product segmentation, Critical success path, Customer benchmarking, Content Quality Monitoring, New Product Pricing and Value Proposition.

Scope of Engagement

A 6 Member Kavi Global Team provided a Strategy & Design engagement for the 6 month project.

Services Provided

Strategy & Roadmap, Optimization, Business Intelligence