Success Story

Enterprise Analytics Re-Architecture



Business Problem

The client’s existing platform was not able to meet performance and data quality requirements from business analytics users. They are looking for a scalable and simplified solution to address the poor performance and expand to accommodate all business lines and functions.


Cloud-based data integration and analytics services which meets the needs and fits in client’s overall IT framework.

Business Outcomes

~70% reduction in data processing duration, resulting in timely availability of updated data for business users.
On-demand transient computing clusters, resulting in cost reduction in idle infrastructure.
Performance of consuming data from client SAS tools by business users improved by ~35%.
Process simplification and automation resulting in easier maintenance of data pipelines and workflows.

Scope of Engagement

Team of 5, 2-phase implementation (Went live ahead of schedule) and continuous tech support

Services Provided

Strategic blueprint and roadmap.
Architecture design and implementation of an ingestion-to-analytics end-to-end platform.
Migration and enhancements.

Technology Used

Microsoft Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Synapse Analytics, HDInsight. SAS.