Success Story

Gas Turbine Failure Detection Solution For
one of the world’s largest supplier of heavy duty gas turbines

Business Problem

  • Avoid expensive unplanned power outages
  • Avoid catastrophic equipment failure
  • Improve reliability and operational efficiency of gas turbines
  • Enhance existing monitoring and diagnostic capabilities


  • Failure signature detection using Machine Learning
  • Residual life estimation using Reliability Analysis
  • Real Time Monitoring & Asset Control

Business Outcomes

Enhanced reliability & up-time, Reduced unplanned outages resulting in significant savings

Scope of Engagement

5 Member Multi-Disciplinary Team / 6 months

Services Provided

  • Custom Data Lake and micro-services architecture and infrastructure designed and built out with Analytical capabilities.
  • Technologies used:Data Torrent, Apache Spark, SAS ESP, SAS Visual Analytics and Cassandra