Success Story

IoT Sensor Reduction Through Optimal Sensor Placement.



Business Problem

Large chemical plants have thousands of miles of pipelines with thousands of corrosion sensors, which have to be monitored by periodic manual measurements, generating significant inefficiency. Corrosion sensors were placed uniformly and equally spaced, under the assumption that the corrosion rates are constant everywhere.


Placing sensors uniformly is misleading because the corrosion rates vary across locations. By strategically positioning sensors based on topology of pipeline (ascent, descent, bend, & flow dynamics) base by analyzing historical readings, we minimized the number of sensors without compromising information quality.

Business Outcomes

  • Sensor locations reduced from 2.2 Million to 1.3 Million (a 40% reduction).
  • Estimated to save 20 million dollars for some sites annually.
  • Detect risky assets at zero sensors reduction location.

Scope of Engagement

1 month

Services Provided

Data Profiling, Data Cleaning & Data Quality Checks, Business Rules, Grouping Algorithms, Sensitivity Analysis, Workflows.

Technology Used

Advana:  No-Code Data Engineering & Data Science Platform.