Success Story

Delivering incremental revenue opportunities worth
USD 1MM through Service Contract Analytics



About the Client

Client is a diversified power management company providing energy efficient solutions that help customer effectively manage power. The client has over 100 years of experience in power management products with over $16 BN in revenue. This project is with the UPS Power management division of the business.

Business Problem

The client’s marketing team needed metrics that provide performance insights on their existing service contracts. They needed the ability to analyze their current service contract attach rates and identify the products that offer the highest incremental service revenue opportunities.

KPIs Delivered

An intuitive, self-service Dashboard with slice & dice capabilities providing a plethora of actionable insights from the KPIs such as

  • Install Base.
  • Service Contracts Attached Units.
  • Service Contracts Attach Rate.
  • Contract Rate.
  • Incremental Revenue Opportunities.

Scope of Engagement

2 Resources worked for 10 Weeks and took it from ingestion to insights, using our i2i analytics accelerator framework.

Services Provided

Strategy & Roadmap, Business Intelligence