Move from Traditional applications to SMART solutions

The technological landscape is at a tipping point right now. The fast paced technological advances have forced a huge replacement cycle on companies due to high technology fragmentation and obsolescence, and the need for domain specific knowledge to maintain current architectures. Companies are now realizing that their approach to technology needs to change, from Traditional applications that perform specific jobs to SMART solutions that provide value across the whole organization.

Traditional Applications

Developed focusing on specific
technological needs

Weak integration with other applications
and no clear reinforcement of capabilities

Standard solutions that provide no competitive
advantage to any specific company

Constant migration to other solutions to
keep-up with technological advances

Static or even declining system
performance over time

SMART Solutions

Developed focusing on solving
business problems

Optimization of IT architecture and
reinforcement of current capabilities

Customized to the particular needs
of the company

Future-proofed solutions that allow for adoption of technological advances effortlessly

Incorporates artificial intelligence models to
facilitate performance optimization over time

What makes a solution SMART?

Solutions can only be considered SMART when they combine business, technology and analytics solutions in their development. We first try to see what the business needs are and how to best solve for those needs. Then we look at the technological gap both in infrastructure and applications and implement the necessary adjustments to the architecture. Finally, we deploy analytical tools, such as:machine learning and artificial intelligence, to provide the best analytical value to your organization.

machine learning system

Business solutions

Business solutions strategically change the ways of working within the organization, and improve performance on the human and in the organization as a whole. We dedicate ourselves to develop solutions that not only consider the technology side but improve the inner processes of your organization.

machine learning system

Technology solutions

Technology solutions include new processes, information, and technologies to reinforce and optimize current technical capabilities in the organization. Our solutions also provide overall key architectural changes with lead to overall performance improvement of other systems.

machine learning system

Analytics solutions

Analytics solutions include a mix of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytical capabilities to solve critical problems in an efficiently manner. These solutions become smarter when we implement machine learning and artificial intelligence models into their development.

From Industry to
Enterprise solutions

We have experience developing SMART solutions for our clients in a wide range of industries. We have come to realize that some of these needs are industry specific, which has let us to developed some industry standard solutions for you to review. However, non of these solutions are actually SMART until we have taken your enterprise specific context into account. Only when we have tailored these solutions to satisfy your specific needs will you be able to unlock all the value they can provide.

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